What is Tannerfest?

We are a small annual music festival located in beautiful rural Northamptonshire.

Several years ago a few mates got together for a party. Fueled by food and some lovely beer provided by Church's brewery, and entertained by a bit of live music we all had a great time. This evolved into the Tannerfest we see today! Have a look at our history page for a few more details.

Our first band for 2015!


Formed in late 2013, Thee Telepaths are a four piece kick ass psych/garage outfits influenced by The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, MC5, Sonic Youth, Modern Lovers, Can, Neu!, The Fall, Thee Headcoats, Loop, Nuggets, and The Pebbles amongst others. They have captivated audiences throughout the UK with their energy and passion. Frontman Dean commands the stage; risking life, limb and the rest of the band in an explosive display of maniacal madness. This, all coupled with searing guitar, ripping bass and max-energy drumming.

Great to hear, great to watch.

Tannerfest 2015 will be starting with a kick directly to your ear drums.

Thee Telepaths have released a new EP which can be downloaded for here for free!!


Visit their Facebook page here

Tickets now on sale!

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2015 Date Announced

Tannerfest 2015 will be held on Saturday the 11th of July. Camping will be available from the evening of the 10th.

Tickets (£15 + £1 to cover our costs) will be on sale shortly on this site!!

Thank you!!

Many thanks to you all for making Tannerfest 2014 such a magnificant success. Over £1000 was raised for charity. We are now planning for 2015. We will ensure it will be even better!

E-mail Information

Please note: Microsoft and AOL do not seem to like having our registration e-mails sent to your Hotmail, Outlook, or AOL email addresses (there may be others). If you do register and don't receive an e-mail within 5 minutes, or it is not in your junk/spam folder (the cheek!!!) ... the chances are you won't get one!

Let us know on Facebook or e-mail us at webproblems@tannerfest.com if you register and do not get an e-mail. Strangely.....Yahoo, googlemail, gmail, ntl, virgin, btinternet addresses all work fine. We are looking in to this and hope to rectify the problem soon. It seems that at least some of the illuminati are paranoid..... keep watching the skys chaps ;)