What is Tannerfest?

We are a small annual music festival located in beautiful rural Northamptonshire.

Nine years ago a few mates got together for a party. Fueled by food and some lovely beer provided by Church's brewery, and entertained by a bit of live music we all had a great time. This evolved into the Tannerfest we see today! Have a look at our history page for a few more details.


Tannerfest 2016 was no doubt the best Tannerfest to date. Grear atmosphere, great music, great people!

We want to thank every last one of you for supporting our little get together. Time for us to take a breath, step back before preparing for our 10th anniversary next year!!


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12:30 - 13:15 The King Bains
13:45 - 14:30 : Family of Noise
15:00 - 15:45 : Dr Hasbeen
16:15 - 17:00 : Leisure Tank
17:30 - 18:15 : PFRP
18:45 - 19:35 : Blacklight Secret
20:00 - 20:50 : Roz Bruce Infusion
21:20 - 22:10 : Babal
22:50 - 24:00 : Here and Now

Thank you!!

Many thanks to you all for making Tannerfest 2015 such a magnificant success. It seems to be the concensus that it was the best one ever. Well over £1000 was raised for charity. We are now planning for 2016 - Tannerfest number 9! Justin is in the process of booking bands as we speak. Keep an eye on our facebook page for regular updates.